Our daytime students have an opportunity to not only get an excellent education, but also participate in a wide range of therapies and programs throughout the day that will help them overcome their learning challenges. Therapies and programs are assigned based on each student’s progress and any changes to their IEP (Individual Educational Plan).

Therapies help students:

  • improve concentration
  • retain new information faster and longer
  • increase their processing speed
  • improve self-regulation
  • improve reading and writing skills

Therapies We Offer:

Created by Canadian neuropsychologist Suzanne Day, this therapy targets the central nervous system to strengthen learning efficiency and emotional self-regulation, two characteristics primarily shaped during the first twelve months of life.

This therapy addresses how the nervous system takes in information from visual, auditory, and tactile pathways and determines its “output” through manual language and mobility pathways.

Neurological functioning is reorganized through sequential movement patterns based on the primary reflexes (movements children do naturally in their first year of development). There are thirteen movements in this therapy’s sequence. You can learn how to do all of these and teach your child how to do them too!

Attend one of our monthly FREE workshops to learn the therapy’s sequence of movements and provide this therapy for your child right at home.

*Please note: This service is only available to registered part-time and/or full-time Vianney students*

To learn more about integrating educational therapies or for availability and pricing,                       please contact our office.