NILD Educational Therapy

NILD Educational Therapy® is a direct, language-based intervention for students with learning difficulties. This therapy addresses the underlying weaknesses rather than simply treating the symptoms. It supports students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, as well as those with ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and more.

NILD Educational Therapy is a true therapy because it is individualized and aims the intervention just above the student’s level of functioning and raises expectations for performance. Your student is trained to view themselves as a competent and confident learner.

Each therapy session includes a variety of techniques designed to address your student’s specific areas of difficulty and to improve their overall ability to think, reason, and process information. Techniques emphasize basic skill areas such as reading, writing, spelling, and math, as well as applying reasoning skills within each area.

Karen Uschold, Vianney Academy’s founder, principal and elementary program teacher, is an NILD-certified educational therapist.

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Source: NILD Canada