Vianney Academy of Learning is a private school and learning centre offering full and part-time programs.  Our classrooms and school environment are set up to meet the student’s educational, physical, emotional and social needs in order to maximize learning potential.  Our instructors are a mixture of teachers and home educators.

Whether your child is an atypical learner, has learning challenges, or has special/exceptional needs, Vianney is a safe, fostering learning environment for students of all abilities.  Our small classroom setting enables us to give each student the support they need, and enables each student to relate to peers who are just like them. Our school, then, offers to develop excellent independent skills and strengthen social skills. Students are able to maximize their learning potential through therapies tailored to improve various skills: executive motor skills, memory, processing speed, and self regulation.  Our students also enjoy healthy camaraderie and encouragement among their peers.

The beauty of Vianney is the ability to choose the curriculum that best suits your child.  In addition to covering the core subjects of the Ontario curriculum, the student’s goals and interests are considered and explored.  After an initial assessment, parents work with an instructor to determine the best course of action.  Students have the flexibility to work through the curriculum based on their individual ability and excel accordingly.  At Vianney the sky is the limit!