Our daytime students have an opportunity to not only get an excellent education, but also participate in a wide range of therapies and programs throughout the day that will help them overcome their learning challenges. Therapies and programs are assigned and assessed based on the students progress and any changes to their IEP (Individual Educational Plan).

Therapies help students:

• have better concentration
•retain new information faster and longer
• increase processing speed
• have better self-regulation
• improve writing and reading skills

Floor Therapy

This therapy addresses the central nervous system relating to learning efficiency and emotional self-regulation that are primarily shaped during the first 12 months of life.

It looks at the sensory “input” of  information coming from the visual, auditory, and tactile pathways to determine “output” in the manual language, and mobility pathways.

The re-organization of brain functions is done through sequential movement patterns based on primary reflexes.


Play Attention ®

Play Attention is a customized computer program designed to improve executive functions.  It features computer games that foster attention and cognitive skills.  It improves brain functioning including increasing memory, better attention, finishing tasks, filters out distractions, improves motor skills, social skills, auditory processing, and hand-eye coordination and behaviour.


Learning Breakthrough

Learning Breakthrough is a multi-sensory exercise program that has been used since 1982 to help people learn and perform better.  The students stands on a special “balancing board” and executes fun and simple movements with things like bean bags and super balls. This therapy helps to engage both hemispheres of the brain.


Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy can be used while doing other activities which makes it a time effective and versatile therapy.

Sound Therapy has been shown to improve listening, learning and communication.  Simply by listening through ear phones to specially filtered music and stories, the student’s auditory processing system is enhanced.


Reading & Writing
Therapies and Programs

At Vianney we have a passion for reading and writing. It is our goal to ensure that each of our students excel in literacy and comprehension and develop strong writing skills. We have multiple reading and writing therapies and programs that we utilize depending on the student’s assessment.


Speech Therapy

*Please note: This service is only available to registered part-time and/or full-time Vianney students*

We offer parents the ability to work with our contracted speech therapist. We then integrate the recommended practice into their curriculum.


To learn more about integrating educational therapies please contact our office for availability and prices.