Your Team

At Vianney our philosophy is one where all our staff work together to nurture each student so they receive the support they require to thrive and elevate to a new level of learning. Together as a team we collaborate to use our individual skills to create a cohesive and seamless learning environment. This creates a very close community feeling as each staff member has the ability to connect with each student daily.


Karen is Vianney’s principal and teacher for the elementary program.  She also runs the evening tutoring program. Offering individual support in our independent learning environment, she is able to teach and encourage each child as necessary. Her extensive knowledge of learning challenges allows her to identify and resolve learning difficulties quickly and efficiently.  Karen has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto.

Karen loves the outdoors and enjoys long hikes with her family.




Bethany is Vianney’s Vice-Principal and our head administrator.  She is the engine behind the scenes that keeps Vianney running smoothly. She also assists the high school students in our high school program 1 afternoon a week.

Bethany has two dogs, and enjoys taking them for long walks on the escarpment. She loves to sing and is an active part of her church community.




Dale is a 1:1 Special Needs Worker for one of our students with global learning disability.

Dale participates in community theater and has performed in the recent Church on the Queensway production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He also has a weekly online radio show that he co-hosts with his wife Virginia,  JoyKids on JoyRadio in the Toronto area.




Shanta is an assistant administrator. She is responsible for the majority of the communication with Vianney parents and will often be your first point of contact if you call or email Vianney. She is also responsible for the marketing and fundraising of Vianney.

Shanta has many hobbies she enjoys like writing, photography and cross stitch. She enjoys the outdoors and being in nature.





Rebecca is our main high school teacher. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education.  She teaches and encourages the high school students as they work through their independent courses each day.

Rebecca enjoys hiking, reading, and working with the youth group at her church.





Kara is a 1:1 Special Needs Worker to one of our students with global learning disability.

Kara has a diploma in film from Sheridan College. Kara aspires to create films and one day be a successful director. She is also a talented artist and photographer.






Rebecca is a teacher’s assistant in the elementary classroom. In addition, Rebecca gives 1:1 instruction in reading therapy as well as teaching the elementary students history and gym.  She also supervises the after school program.

Rebecca is an avid learner and in her spare time is working on her Bachelor of Arts with a major in French.





Sherry is a 1:1 Special Needs Worker to one of our students with global learning disability.  She is also a private tutor in the evenings.

When Sherry is not at Vianney, she works as a real estate agent. She enjoys outdoor activities like snowmobiling and four wheeling.