At Vianney we believe that every child has the right to learn and succeed academically. Our goal is to never turn away any student in academic need.  To ensure that the school can operate at an optimal level we look to create partnerships with donors who believe in our mission.

There are many ways to partner with Vianney and we are thankful for each one of our donors and volunteers who continue to make Vianney a thriving place to learn and grow.

Partnering through volunteering:

If you have a passion for education, we have many volunteer opportunities available:

  • organizing and running Vianney events
  • building maintenance
  • reading with students
  • fundraising efforts
  • ….what are your skills? We would love to know how you can support Vianney!
    **a volunteer application and police check are required**

Partnering Donor:

Support families who qualify for financial assistance
Vianney Academy of Learning is a not-for-profit private school who depends on parents to invest in their children’s education independently. While Vianney strives to keep our tuition fees within a competitive rate structure, it is understandable that for some families, the investment is not within their budget. When you partner to support our student body, you ensure each student can maximize their academic potential.

Campus improvements and campus fund
Vianney currently operates in a small campus within the Discovery Community Christian Church. This allows us to serve the needs of our students while keeping our operating costs low. Our expenses for campus improvement go toward purchasing desks and school related materials that assure our students can learn in an optimal environment.

Keeping our technology up-to-date
We pride ourselves on providing each student with the most up-to-date and relevant curriculum and therapies available. We have several programs that utilize a computer and each of our students uses a computer during as part of their daily curriculum. It is imperative that Vianney keeps our technology current and up-to-date.


Purchasing specialized therapy and curriculum items
Partnering with us in this area allows us to purchase therapy equipment, specialized programs and improve training for our staff.


These are just some of the ways your partnering dollars can and do make a difference in the life our students. Your generosity ensures that Vianney can operate optimally and seamlessly for the benefit of our entire student body.

Thank you.


Are you a business?

You can also sponsor one of Vianney’s events and receive recognition on our website and other publications.
Please contact to receive sponsorship information.