Testimonials: Neurodevelopment Through Movement

Read about the difference parents, children and teachers just like you have seen in their children after using the Neurodevelopment Through Movement Program.

Social Behaviour

“Elizabeth now helps with chores without even being asked.”
“I knew these exercises were working when I realized that our son Paul was sitting calmly with us for the whole meal.”
“Jack used to say: “How come I do not have any friends!” now he says, “There were so many of us playing together at recess” (meaning that now he has many friends).
“Patty is more assertive and she is learning to do things in a mature way.”
“Often, extended family members and friends comment on how much better Bob behaves!”
“Clement is not afraid to talk with adults anymore.”

Language and Speech

“Mark, our 17 years old son (Asperger), never talked much before to anyone, and had very little eye contact, shutting people out! After doing these exercises for 2 months, he started to talk to his sisters, then started teasing them. Now he debates with them!”
“Willam speaks with more intonation and fluently.”
“Now, Matthew can follow instructions well.”

Emotional Self-Regulation

“Oliver is now getting along so well with his brothers and sisters.”
“Peter is not as moody anymore.”
“Samantha smiles so much more now.”
“Eddie has very few rages now…fewer explosions”
“Suzie is not afraid of the dark anymore and can go downstairs by herself.”
“Matt does not have dramatic moodswings anymore.”
“Jessica is not as frustrated and does not give up now.”


Comments from Parents

“Denis moved up 3 levels in reading in just few weeks of being on your program.”
“Lisa no longer has her desk right beside the teacher!”
“Cyrus now loves to go to school!”
“David does not write on a slant anymore.”

Comments from Children

“I did a test at school today and I knew it all.”
“I finished all my work at school.”
“I just spoke in front of the class today!”
“My teacher says that I am the neatest printer in the class”

Comments from Teachers

“Aaron is more cooperative with his schoolwork.”
“Rita’s spelling has improved drastically.”
“In 25 years experience as a teacher I never saw a child like Meghan who has progressed so quickly, in a short period of time!”

Physical Well-Being

Comments from Parents

The most frequent comments from parents: “My child is calmer.”

“My child sleeps better!”
“Nathan does not lean against the wall when coming down the stairs!”
“Nancy does not have to crawl up the stairs anymore!”
“William even eats without gulping food… he eats so much better, now!”
“Ken is not a heavy walker anymore… he now walks softly!”
“Charlene is not as sensitive to smells anymore!”
“Nathaly is not sleep walking anymore.”
“The biggest gains I have seen in Jammy doing these exercises are: resolution of bedwetting, ability to sleep through the night, and improved handwriting.”

Comments from Children

“I do not get headaches in the car now!”
“I can sing now!”
“Now, I can stop myself when I run!” (from an Asperger 7 years old)
“I do not hit my shin anymore.” (A 13 years old teenager)
A 15 years old young man: “I don’t bump into things anymore… I even got my first goal in ball hockey.”
“I see street lights out of the corners of my eyes.”

Comments from Teachers

“Jesse is more cooperative with his schoolwork.”
“Helen’s spelling has improved drastically.”