Our Team

At Vianney, our staff philosophy is to collaboratively nurture each student, so they receive the support they need to thrive and elevate themselves to new levels of learning. Together as a team, Vianney’s educators use our individual skills to create a seamless, cohesive learning environment. This creates a very close community feeling for our students, as each staff member has the ability to connect with each student daily.

Karen is Vianney’s principal and teacher for our elementary program.  She also runs our evening tutoring program. Offering individual support in an independent learning environment, Karen tailors her teaching to each child and provides support and encouragement in the manner they particularly require it. Her extensive knowledge of learning disabilities and other pedagogical obstacles allows her to identify and resolve a variety of students’ difficulties quickly and efficiently. Karen has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto and is an NILD-certified educational therapist.

Bethany is Vianney’s vice-principal and our head administrator.  She is our school’s engine, working behind the scenes to keep Vianney running smoothly.

Rebecca is our main high school teacher. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education. She guides high school students as they work through their independent courses each day.