Full Time High School Program

We provide intensive support for students in Grades 9-12 who wish to complete up to eight high school credits during the year, using online accredited courses through the Independent Learning Centre (ILC). Completing 8 high school credits in just 10 months requires diligence and determination from the student.  As many of our students have been diagnosed with learning disorders, we not only teach the course, but also tutor and mentor each student to enable them to achieve success.  We offer three streams for high school students:  Applied, Academic, and Online.

At Vianney, in-house or via Zoom we will continue to provide your child with the high standard of education we’re known for, including:

  • Specialized education
  • Individualized programs
  • Relational counselling
  • Daily attention and prompting
  • One-to-one daily conversations with each student
  • An intimate school environment

At Vianney, every teacher is a mentor. At Vianney, every teacher cares about your child