Vianney Charitable Works is the non-profit partner of Vianney Academy. The two organizations work in tandem to provide a variety of services including elementary and high school education, tutoring and camps.

Vianney Charitable Works supports students and their families financially through scholarships and bursaries for students attending Vianney Academy or accessing Vianney Academy’s tutoring services. We offer this assistance because we believe quality education should be accessible to all students. Our partnership with Vianney Academy provides the services and resources necessary to see this vision become a reality. Our goal as a non-profit organization is to make Vianney Academy accessible to more students.

OrganizationVianney Charitable Works Vianney Academy
DesignationNon-profit Organization*Non-designated Private School
Operations & ServicesFinancial support for Vianney Academy students
Summer Camps
March Break Camp
Elementary School Education
High School Day Support

*Vianney Academy is a small education centre operating on a learning pod model. They offer 100% support to their students for elementary and high school education. Whether Vianney Academy is designated a private school or a non-designated private school depends on the size of the student body.