What Can Vianney Do For Your Family?

At Vianney we understand the long-term benefits of homeschooling and support families in their home education journey.  The versatility of homeschooling provides an ideal opportunity for students to receive the attention they need to succeed and thrive at their own pace.  Our experienced instructors work with parents like you to enhance the learning process without any restrictions.  Vianney Academy of Learning enables parents to be involved in their child’s education even during their temporary absence.  Homeschool students are welcome to attend Vianney 1-3 times per week (full or half days) to further build upon their home education.  Customized curriculum, one-to-one tutoring, and independent learning opportunities are among the many ways Vianney can support your family.


Homeschool Coaching & Consultation

Each stage of a student’s development presents various challenges and our instructors are dedicated to helping home educators where needed.  Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned homeschooler, we can provide support, encouragement and the resources you need to succeed.  With Vianney on your side, you don’t have to walk this journey alone.  You have the power to remain fully involved while utilizing the expertise of our home education instructors.


Customized Curriculum

The beauty of home education is the ability to choose the curriculum that best suits your child.  In addition to covering the core subjects of the Ontario curriculum, the student’s goals and interests are considered and explored. After a brief initial assessment, parents work with an instructor to determine the best course of action.  Students have the flexibility to work through the curriculum based on their individual ability and excel accordingly.  At Vianney the sky is the limit!


Maximize Learning Potential

Whether your child is an A-typical learner, has a learning challenge or exceptional needs, Vianney has a versatile environment for all learning abilities.  Our small classroom setting enables students to improve their independent learning skills while in a homeschool environment.  Students are able to maximize their learning potential through educational therapies that improve various skills, including: executive motor skills; memory and processing speed; and, self regulation.  Our students also enjoy healthy camaraderie and encouragement among their peers.