High School Program

We provide intensive support for students in Grades 9 – 12 who wish to complete up to 8 high school credits during the year, utilizing online accredited courses through  Independent Learning Centre (ILC) or Virtual Learning’s distance learning programs.  Completing eight high school credits in ten months requires much diligence and determination from the student.  Along with individual teaching, tutoring, and mentoring our program provides the structure necessary for our students to achieve success with ILC’s courses throughout their high school years.

Vianney Academy of Learning includes a fully supported high school program. Students work independently, at their own pace on their ILC (Independent Learning Center) courses with the support of a full-time teacher to answer questions and offer support.

The option of including individual private tutoring during their day is also available. Please contact us to learn more about our tutoring program.

To ensure that each high school student gets the attention and support they require we limit our class size to 10 students.

Full-time High School Tuition:

  • Grades 9 – 12:  $11,000

Vianney Academy of Learning’s tuition rates for full-day students include all bi-monthly field trips within the GTA, textbooks, therapy programs, art supplies, instructional materials, and transportation to and from Vianney’s extracurricular activities.

Other Options:

  1. Independent Work Day:  $26/day (no Tutoring)
  2. Independent Work Day + 30 mins of tutoring:  $50/day
  3. Independent Work Day + 1hr tutoring: $60/day

 NOTE:  Tutoring sessions not combined with the Independent Work Day are $30/hour