Vianney remembers…

On Friday November 10th, 2017 the entire Vianney student body gathered and participated in an assembly to acknowledge Remembrance Day.  After watching some moving videos that showcased old photos and stories of veteran soldiers we observed a moment of silence.

The students then took time to reflect on our shared thoughts as they colored pages to be sent to active duty men and women at arms.


We are so thankful for the courage and sacrifice that our military provide for each of us. We have a deep sense of gratitude for the privilege to live in a safe and peaceful country due to their service.

Thank you.

A goolish fun time.

Our students and staff dressed up and enjoyed learning and being creative to while enjoying Halloween festivities.

The morning was spent doing fun learning games that worked as some review on current subjects like science and history. Then everyone used their creative talents to create some holiday art:

Our School

Vianney Academy of Learning is a non-profit independent learning centre that offers full and part-time tutoring. Our classroom and school environment are set up to meet the student’s educational, physical, emotional, and social needs in order to maximize learning potential. Our instructors are a mixture of experienced home educators and hired professionals.Collectively, we have been homeschooling for more than 50 years.

Whether your child is an A-typical learner, has a learning challenge or exceptional needs, Vianney has a versatile environment for all learning abilities. Our small classroom setting enables students to improve their independent learning skills while in a home school environment. Students are able to maximize their learning potential through educational therapies that improve various skills, including: executive motor skills; memory and processing speed; and, self regulation. Our students also enjoy healthy camaraderie and encouragement among their peers.