Anne Chaplinsky

Anne ChaplinskyAnne Chaplinsky

As a Brain Fitness Specialist, Nutritionist and Wellness Advocate, Anne Claplinksky provides neurodevelopment and wellness programs for children and adults with learning and health concerns.  At Vianney, Anne facilitates various educational therapies to boost the students’ overall brain health that are consistent with their learning objectives.  Anne is available for afternoon and evening appointments at a rate of $55/hour.  Contact Vianney to schedule an appointment.


The Benefits of Educational Therapy

The science of neuroplasticity has proven that the brain has the capacity to change and form new neural connections (brain maps) for improved function and cognitive abilities.


A missing, weak or damaged link in the Central Nervous System may go unnoticed and impact a person’s ability to remember, process sensory information, and manage emotions.  Other side effects may include challenges with body function and learning.


The emphasis in a classroom is usually on reading, writing, math and other academic subjects.  However, movement is a vital part of the learning process.  Movement is the foundational building block of human development and is needed to build motor skills, physical health, manage emotions and makes learning easy.  Additional benefits include:

  • reduces stress
  • integrates primitive reflexes
  • stimulates and develops the senses
  • strengthens and builds nerve connections
  • improves communication between the brain and the body


Examples of Educational Therapies


Primitive Reflex Therapy

A neurodevelopment program of movement patterns which aims to promote the development of the Central Nervous System.  This therapy also includes inhibition of primitive reflexes allowing the brain to build neural pathways, brain maps, for success.  Primitive Reflex Therapy improves the way the brain processes.  Organized information reduces stress and prepares the brain and body for learning.


Touch For Health

An Applied Kinesiology modality using principles of acupuncture, acupressure, touch and massage to determine and restore imbalances in muscle and meridian function.


Brain Gym®

Brain Gym is a cognitive fitness tool using a series of movements to reduce stress and anxiety.  This improves brain function by forming neural connections, brain maps, between the brain and body for improved function and performance.